In Search of Europe. Discovering the Self

Euro crisis, social inequality, immigration, terrorism, fascism. Europe is boiling. We see our financial, political and social systems creak. Europe is in transition, but in transition to what?
In June 2015 Lucas De Man, started a journey to get a better understanding of Europe today. He went looking for what we could do to change society. Together with a journalist, a dramaturg, and a camera team, he travelled in 30 days through 17 cities in 8 countries.

The multidisciplinary art project In Search of Europe, discovering the Self consists of 3 subprojects, inspired by this journey through Europe:
1- The theatrical performance De Man in Europe
2- The documentary In Search of Europe, meeting modern visionaries
3- The Den Bosch city project WOLK

Every subproject investigates the role of the individual in the quest that will define our European generation: shaping a society in transition.