Art project

In Search of Europe is an art project initiated and directed by Lucas De Man. The project consists of several parts that will be created and presented in 2015 and 2016. 

Looking at the past and the future to understand the now better

The project starts in June 2015 when Lucas De Man and his team embark on a trip through Europe. His mentor Matthijs Rümke sends him on a quest: broaden your horizons, understand the world, meet and speak to artists and gain insight.

In 30 days Lucas travels to seven different countries including Poland, Italy and Germany. There he interviews with Tomas Vanheste (De Correspondent) both contemporary artists (creators) and experts on the contemporaries of Hieronymus Bosch (experts). We call these contemporaries historic visionaries; they are individuals that influenced the development of Europe, for example Luther, Copernicus and Machiavelli.

The theatre show Rümke en De Man Door Europa premieres in August 2015 at Theaterfestival Boulevard. Lucas presents a theatrical report of his journey, taking audience past the many meetings, images, discussions and insights he collected.

The In Search of Europe project will present several artworks leading up to 2016. In this year Future Europe Festival organizes a cultural program for the  Dutch Presidency of the European Union and the international Hieronymus Bosch 500 event takes place.

In 2016 Lucas and Ruut van der Beele create a documentary film of their Europe journey that will premiere in June at the Future Europe Festival in Amsterdam. In August 2016 Lucas and Pascal Leboucq present an art installation CLOUD (working title) on Theaterfestival Boulevard. CLOUD is the second project of city artist of ‘s-Hertogenbosch and is the folow-up of EYE.

The project is coproduced by Het Zuidelijk Toneel (Tilburg) and company New Heroes (Amsterdam).