In Search of Europe, Meeting Modern Visionaries

For his project In Search of Europe, Lucas De Man travelled during the summer of 2015 in 30 days through 17 cities in 8 countries. Accompanied by a camera team he searched for the upcoming generation of European creators: creative professionals that fight for change in society.

Modern visionaries

Lucas discovered a generation that has a pragmatic-idealistic worldview. This generation uses art and technology in different ways to create communities and societal movement in a common battle for conservation of our commons, a new democracy and a world in which we live closer together.

In the documentary In Search of Europe, Meeting Modern Visionaries, Lucas shares his highlights and insights of his journey. Meet the creator, discover their projects and see how this upcoming generation is not about creating a better world, but about creating a sense of community.

Premiere documentary

On april 5, 2016, the documentary In Search of Europe, Meeting Modern Visionaries will be presented in Pakhuis de Zwijger as part of the program Europe by People.

After viewing of the documentary Lucas will discuss some issues with Tomas Vanheste (Correspondent Europa bij De Correspondent), Katherine Watson (director European Cultural Foundation) and Charlot Schans (projectleader New Europe – Cities in Transition bij Pakhuis de Zwijger).

Europe by People is the cultural program organised around the Dutch chairmanship of the European Union. The documentary will be shown several times within the program. For more information, check



concept and presentation Lucas De Man
director Ruut van der Beele
dramaturgy and production Kimberly Major
camera Ton Vorselaars en Pepijn Robben
editing  Ton Vorselaars en Ruut van der Beele
sound design Tom Sikkers

Research, production and communication of the journey Kimberly Major, Bregtje Radstake, Marjolein Roozen en Claire van Nunen
Journalistic assistance Tomas Vanheste

Special thanks to the creators Jill Emerson, Nicolaos Stamboulopoulos, Engin Önder, Lieven De Cauter, Valerio Bonnani, Giorgio de Finis, Raul Sanchez Cedillo, Slawomir Sierakowski, Lotte van den Berg, Jonas Staal en Simon Allemeersch.