Interview Rümke and De Man

The reason why Lucas goes on this journey is the man on the left, Matthijs Rümke, artistic director of Het Zuidelijk Toneel (theatre company in the Netherlands). He urged Lucas to go out in Europe and try to understand what’s happening. Matthijs told Lucas to do two things, on one hand, learn about the origin of Europe by interviewing experts of the 16th century and on the other hand meeting young visionaries who create society today.

Matthijs himself is too sick to go along, so he sent Lucas away in the hope that he would broaden his horizon and become aware of all the real issues that are at stake and act upon them as an artist.

A true artist doesn’t only bring beauty to the world, he also fights for all that is wrong in it. And if you want to fight, you have to know what you are fighting for. And I believe that now more than ever you have to fight for vulnerability and humanity in a world driven by economics and striving for power and success.

On his Journey Lucas is looking for inspiration, knowledge but foremost the right words for his fight as an artist.

We filmed the interview between Lucas and his teacher Matthijs because it is the beginning of this journey. A video summary of the interview will follow soon.