Lucas nominated ‘EuroNederlander’

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EuroNederlander Award
Every year, the EBN EuroNederlander Award is given to individuals or organizations who have contributed in special ways to the European debate and who have stimulated the search for new vitality and better alliances in Europe. The European Movement focuses in particular on the efforts of active and creative citizens, civil agencies and networks.

Jury comment
“For his lively and engaging exploration of possible futures for Europe in ‘In Search of Europe/De Man door Europe’. For this multidisciplinary production, De Man travelled through eight countries, interviewing critical and creative Europeans on their visions for the future of Europe. These materials were woven into a widely acclaimed documentary (broadcasted by Tegenlicht) and an unusual theatrical ‘lecture performance’. De Man’s performance has attracted full-house audiences around the country for months, engaging thousands of young and old in new reflections and dialogue on Europe’s past and future potentials.”

Lucas de Man: “With De Nieuwe Helden and productions such as ‘In Search of Europe’, we like to show the importance of stories. Instead of the usual ‘stories about people’, we strongly believe in ‘stories by people’. This is vital for Europe.”

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